The Devil Made Me Do It

Or something like that. It has become commonplace in the last decade or so for blame for tragedy to be placed on the person one political party or the other hates the most. Hurricane devastate a city? Must be the fault of the person we didn't vote for. Tornadoes wipe out entire towns? It HAS to be the fault of those with different values and political ideals that those I hold. Or not. Definitely not.

It really is amusing to watch those who engage in identity and values driven politics trip all over themselves trying to justify their hatred and their evil because they only succeed in contradicting themselves every time. Every. Time. That's what happens when one abandons reason and intellect for feelings and emotions fueled by willful ignorance and depravity. The ability to think clearly and reason is removed. Removed because to surrender to either thinking or reason would necessarily require a surrender of most if not all political and moral positions held by those who can only be rightly described as hedonists. They are so blinded by hate and the pursuit of pleasure that they cannot recognize the glaring contradictions in thinking and actions.

The most glaring example of this is the almost instant accusation of racism or xenophobia. In a country that has embraced cultures from all over the world and incorporated and adopted many customs the charge becomes laughable. Even more laughable when those who, for lack of common sense and reason cry racism and xenophobia then turn to accusations of cultural appropriation when they see something they don't like. It's ridiculous. Its cerebral flatulence and it should be painful. Alas, it is not. But worse yet is the seemingly irresistible urge to use the pain and tragedy of others for political capital.

This weekend our country experienced three episodes of senseless violence and loss of life; Texas, Ohio, and Chicago. Again in Chicago. And decent people reacted with shock, sadness, sympathy, and prayers. Because that's what decent people do. In the face of tragedy we used to come together to mourn and support those who were victims. Not any more. The insipid hatred and devaluation of life in this society has obscured and in some cases completely obliterated compassion and human decency. Instead expressing sympathy and support, we now have politicians who cannot wait to get to a microphone to turn the slaughter of innocent people into political fodder to be used against their opponents. Lives no longer matter; the only thing that matters is who can strike first and deepest. And this has been coming for a long time.

We didn't get here overnight. This didn't happen because a democrat or a republican was in the White House. It didn't happen because we had a democrat or republican controlled congress. It began with the legalized killing of human beings deemed to be inconvenient or a burden. Life became a commodity in the game of life that could be traded for pleasure and freedom from responsibility. It didn't end there, of course. What once was only "acceptable" in the womb has now become acceptable outside of the womb. Abortion has been redefined to include babies carried to term and outside the womb. And it doesn't stop there. We now see euthanasia and assisted suicide being pushed and in some states legalized. Assisted suicide laws are nothing more than the next step in legalized euthanasia. God forbid we should be saddled with someone who can no longer contribute to society. God forbid we should be inconvenienced by someone who can no longer do anything for us. Heaven forbid.

Heaven forbid. Heaven forbid that we see the completion of this agenda that reduces human life to nothing more than a choice between convenience and inconvenience because when it does, what we witnessed this weekend will be nothing compared to what is coming.

A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members. We will never be great again until the ridiculous political nonsense ceases, the sacredness of human life is no longer viewed as a political hammer with which to beat opponents, and the genocide that is abortion and euthanasia becomes as abhorrent to its supporters as Chinese food in a college cafeteria is to them now. Kyrie Eleison.

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