Facebook Is Evil

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Facebook Is Evil!!!

Well, maybe. And maybe not. It is undeniable that they have become their own totalitarian regime; they have become so large and influential that they can influence local and national elections. Never before have we seen something like this. It is also undeniable that they have controlled the moral and political narrative in this country, tailored to the bent of its founder and employees. But for all the evil there is good.

Those who have been following me know that this has been a very rough week. What started as a good week like every other ended in crises when my beloved dog, the Archbeagle, somehow injured himself to the point that he could not move without crying in pain. Now I know, he's just a dog. But he's my dog. And as a monastic with little real world contact, he's the one I often just talk to; my confidant if you will and he's great because he can't tell a soul. Those of us who have animals understand and when our friends are in pain, we are in pain. They can't tell us what is wrong and all we want to do is make it better. So what does this have to do with Facebook and Evil? I'll tell you!

When this started I put out a post asking for prayer for me because I was exhausted. The Archbeagle was keeping me up all night because to move was pain. I was trying to do what I could for him to keep him comfortable. And it was exhausting. I have not been well myself but I can do things to alleviate that. He cannot. I was at a point of exhaustion and despair dealing with his issues and mine. I never put out a request for prayer for myself. Except now. Because it was awful. And Facebook answered.

In Saint Paul's letter to the Philippians he tells us that God will supply all our needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus. He also talks about the sparrow, for whom he cares. And he does and sometimes he uses the most unconventional means to work. This time he did it through a medium many of us have grown to hate. Facebook. Or as I like to call it Fakebook. But he used it.

Within minutes of my post for prayer and the reason for it I was immediately connected to someone who could help me by someone who I have only known through Facebook. Tthat post also prompted a fellow Brother to contact me about my problem. Others who I only know through Facebook and some I do not know either in either medium responded offering not only moral but financial support. The outpouring of love brought me to tears and I am still there. That people care that much about me is priceless. And that they know that the distress over my dog is causing me great distress and are willing to help is to me unfathomable. And it happened because of Facebook.

In the Psalms David tells us that he gives his beloved sleep. In vain do we wake up early and work late toiling, but he gives his beloved sleep. Saint Matthew tells us that even the sparrow is important. Saint Paul tells us that God will supply all our needs. Most importantly Saint Matthew tells us that if ye have done it unto the least of these ye have done it unto me. Was he taking about dogs? No, he wasn't. He was talking about our fellow man. That encompasses much because in meeting the needs of our fellow man there are many variables. And my need here was that my dog be pain free. That need was met.

My needs were met. It was important to me. Still is. And in the greater scheme of life it is small. But it reinforces the Gospel and the promises of scripture; God is faithful and just, He cares about us. And in this Advent season it is poignant; he cares about his creation. He came to give us salvation eternal. As we celebrate this season we are comforted that he cared enough to send his Son. He cares even for the sparrow, our cares our his cares, and he gives his beloved sleep.

If he can do this in the most mundane situations, how much more he is he faithful in the serious trials and cares of our life!! To him be glory and honour and power both now and forevermore. Amen and Amen.

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