Our 'rule of life' is the Rule of Saint Benedict, traditionally interpreted, and our life is that of the traditional monk with all that implies. The life of the monks is centered and grounded in the historic Benedictine Spirituality in all its elements -- worship, prayer, study, meditation and work. The usual vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience are not professed, but rather the far more ancient vows of Stability, Obedience and Conversion of Life as contemplated in the Rule. The full monk's habit is worn, as is the tonsure. Through these three traditional vows the monks, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, seek the mind of Christ. Their personal freedom is consecrated to God in acknowledgment of His ultimate control over life, and their lives deliberately seek to conform to the life and manner of Our Lord, as St. Benedict teaches in the Holy Rule. God has made Jesus sovereign over all creation and the monks, 

by means of these three vows, are seeking to live in witness of "thee who alone art truly God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent". (John 17:3)

Our community is not completely cloistered, thus providing us the ability to work outside the grounds of the monastery, if need be, with the poor and disadvantaged to who we have been ministering. But, we are not an active order in the usual sense, and we believe the Holy Spirit is leading us toward becoming even a more contemplative order than we are.

We are ruled by a Prior, so the monastery is known technically as a Priory; if we were ruled by an Abbot , it would be known as an Abbey.


Christ the King chapel is currently located in Corunna MI.  As we are able, we will be reassembling St. Gregory's Library, making the Priory a place of study for the community as well as for laity and clerics.