ACA Regains Historic Church in Hollywood

Reprinted from the Trinitarian

After nearly six years of legal wrangling, the Anglican Church in America has regained con- trol of historic St. Mary of the Angels Church in the Los Feliz neigh- borhood of Hollywood, California.

On July 25, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel Murphy confirmed an Appel- late Division ruling from last December stating that a 2012 vote to leave the ACA for the Ordinariate of the Roman Catholic Church was invalid.

“I am very pleased that the long series of court cases is over,” the ACA’s Presiding Bishop, the Most Rev. Brian R. Marsh, told THETRINITARIAN. “We are in the process of cleaning the church buildings and undertaking the necessary repairs.

“What is even more important,” he went on to say,” is the level of cooperation that has developed between the ACC Diocese of the Holy Trinity and the ACA Diocese of the West. Bishop Stephen Scarlett and Bishop Owen Williams are working togeth- er to rebuild the spiritual congregation. Under their mutual oversight, St. Mary of the Angels will once again become a vital spiritual force in the Hollywood community.”

The ACC’s Metropolitan, the Most Rev. Mark Haverland, also voiced pleasure that the ACA has prevailed.

“Such litigation is never pleasant,” he said, “but St. Mary’s has been a Continuing parish since the beginning of our movement, and there was no reason why it should not continue to be such. I am also pleased to note that the cooperation between Bishops Wil- liams and Scarlett provides an example of the benefits flow- ing from our increasingly close relations.”

The Appellate Division had ruled that the vote was invalid because it had used the wrong voter list in calculating the vote. The legal conflict triggered by the attempted disassociation  centered on 

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 11.54.52.png

 control of the church and its holdings, including an adjacent commercial building.


The ruling further stated that the rector, the Rev. Chris- topher Kelley, and his followers had not complied with Church bylaws as a corporation requiring all members be notified of any special meeting or votes.

The ACA and Los Feliz resident Marilyn Bush, also a key litigant in the case, “have respectfully provided substantial time for the group to wrap up their affairs and conduct a peaceful transition of control of St. Mary’s,” attorneys for the ACA and Mrs. Bush wrote in court documents on June 15. On July 18, the issue was heard again in Los Angeles Su- perior Court and Judge Murphy confirmed the Appellate Division’s decision with a temporary ruling that was final- ized July 25. This decision is permanent and may not be further appealed.

St. Mary of the Angels was founded in 1918 by the Rev. Neal Dodd, whose involvement in the film industry as an actor and technical adviser, in addition to his priestly duties, earned him the nickname “The Padre of Hollywood.” Many actors have been congregants over the years.

The present building was designed in the Spanish Mission style by noted architect Carleton Winslow and was com- pleted in 1930 with the assistance of Mary Pickford and other Hollywood celebrities of the time. It is noted for its exqui- site beauty, most notably a della Robbia altarpiece depict- ing the Annunciation and flanked by statues of St. John and St. Francis.

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We Won in Virginia

Radical Infanticide Bill Defeated

No we didn't. We didn't win a thing. And we didn't win because this isn't over. It isn't over because those pushing the flat out murder of babies will not stop until they get what they want.

In 1939, the German people were not sadistic psychopaths. In fact, many, both passive and active bystanders, were quite normal before Hitler came to power. They were not immune to empathy or moral indignation and disgust. But as Hitler became more and more violent, those who seemed normal became active participants in what would be known as the Final Solution. Ordinary Germans volunteered for roundups. They willingly shot women and children. And they volunteered to work concentration camps. They came from all professions; doctors, nurses, secretaries, police, lawyers, academics. People who had previously lived side by side with Jews willingly carried out or assisted in the attempted systematic eradication of an entire people.


Contempt for Jews cannot explain their willing participation in these atrocities. Nor can the dehumanizing stereotypes be considered the lone factor. They did what they did because they thought it was just and necessary. They thought it was just because they had been conditioned to hate the Jews. They had been mentally prepared for this long before the war started. Hitler used propaganda to make them believe the most outrageous things without ever questioning their truth. 

Hitler used political and economic ideals and mobilized them for a political purpose. He made hatred and extermination seem harmless. He used degrading language to vilify the target of his hatred and contempt, and in doing so, began to mainstream contempt and hatred. He used phrases like "unjust burden" and "misfits" to deaden the moral conscience of the people. He continued this constant barrage of propaganda until that which had previously been considered morally reprehensible was accepted as necessary and right. And in the end, it worked. Millions of people were killed for no other reason than the fact that they were Jewish.

Sound familiar? Burden, physically deformed, Down's Syndrome. Not likely to survive. How about homophobe? Bigot. Racist. Sexist. All of these words have been used by the radical left to normalize that which previously would have evoked empathy, moral indignation, and disgust. Slowly but surely, those who would kill innocent babies for convenience have mainstreamed infanticide until it has become an every day occurrence that is celebrated. Openly. Free of moral constraint or outrage. They have become so emboldened that these morally reprehensible degenerates applauded a new low in their push for "freedom" and "equality"; they publicly applauded a bill that will allow infants to be killed in the 3rd trimester. 

More outrageous is the bill that was introduced in Virginia which, by the bill sponsor's own admission, would allow for the killing of babies AFTER delivery. After. Delivery. Worse still is that the governor of Virginia not only expressed a willingness to sign it, but defended it in interviews with the media. 

This is what we have become. And we won nothing in Virginia because the murderous left will continue to push; they will continue to frame it as a cause for freedom and choice. They will continue to parade women who are proud of their moral depravity in front of the cameras and applaud them. And they will continue to vilify the opposition until they have numbed the consciences of the American people. And they are succeeding. In an atmosphere where the Church should be of one voice expressing outrage and indignation, she is largely silent, offering weak platitudes accompanied by deflection and obfuscation. The very voice that should be the strongest, the loudest, the most adamant in its denunciation has emboldened its opponents so completely that the perpetrators of this atrocity would wear Church discipline as a badge of honor. 

"O my people, what have I done unto thee and wherein have I wearied thee? Testify against me"

These words are repeated throughout the Good Friday Mass, and at no other time have they been more appropriate than now. At the very time we are approaching a season in which we recall the Death and Passion of our Savior, the One who gave us life, the Church offers little resistance to those who would kill the most helpless in society. 

O my people, what have I done unto thee, and wherein have I wearied thee...............