The Oblates of the Order of St. Benedict, Servants of Jesus are a community of believers spread throughout the Church that are devoted to a life of prayer, work, and study.  In this, we strive to cultivate a more effective prayer life, a better understanding of the Scriptures as delivered to the Church, and a positive and transforming presence in the communities in which we live and worship.


The various Chapters within the parishes of the Anglican Catholic Church meet on a regular basis to pray and study the Scriptures. We work to relieve the suffering of those with both physical and spiritual needs.  Our goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ not just throughout our community, but throughout the world.  


Is God calling you to a life of Benedictine service and devotion?  If so, we would love to meet you!  

If you would like further information about becoming an Oblate, please fill out the form below.  We will respond within 24 hours.  If you have a prayer request that you wish to add to our daily prayers, pleast use the Request page.  


May God Bless you as you continue your spiritual journey!

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