Benedictine life is based upon the Gospel of Christ and is lived in witness to this Good News in peace and simplicity. It strives to create surroundings permeated by Christian vision and an attitude of openness to the Spirit.

One well-loved Benedictine motto is Ora et Labora, "Pray and Work" - known to generations of fatigued novices as "Ora et labora, et labora, et labora. . ." Prayer and work are two important facets of life at a Benedictine Priory. Benedictines have long been known for the beauty they have added to public worship. We strive to maintain that tradition of beauty and reverence in all of our services. 

We are stewards of God's possessions. The Rule says: "Let him look upon all the utensils of the monastery and its whole property as upon the sacred vessels of the altar." (RN 31:10) We look upon the world not as something to be ruthlessly exploited to our own ends, but as God's property, entrusted to us for care and safekeeping. We manifest this in a concern for the physical aspects of our buildings and even in the smallest ways by an awareness of the part each of us plays in the proper and moderate use of material goods.

The monks and oblates of Bethlehem Priory are committed further to those specific matters of faith of the Anglican Catholic tradition, as revealed in the person of Jesus Christ and handed down in the teachings of the Church. We share work and prayer in common, faithful participation in the life of the community, attentive openness to the Word of God, and the pursuit of moderation, hospitality and care for the gifts of creation.