The Order of Saint Benedict is a monastic order of men within the Continuing Anglican Church. The Order was Instituted on August 28, 1981 at the call and by the order of The Right Reverend Addison Hosea, Bishop of Lexington of the Episcopal Church. On December 13, 1986 the monks of the Bethlehem Priory were received into the Anglican Catholic Church and regularized by The Right Reverend William O. Lewis, then Bishop of the Midwest. 

Formerly located in Lexington, Kentucky, Bethlehem Priory has relocated to the Chapel of Christ the King in Corunna, Michigan.


    It is our goal to reestablish Bethlehem Priory as not only a community of monks serving the community, but also as a house of study for both lay persons and postulants to Holy Orders.  We also envision the priory as a retreat destination for lay, clergy, and oblates.


    Over the next few months, we will be looking for a building large enough to realize our goal.  We ask that you keep us in your prayers as we work toward what we believe will be a spiritual center not only for the community, but for Catholics everywhere.


   Please visit our site frequently, as updates on our progress will be posted as we complete the many projects ahead of us.


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